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Cylinder Head Fixture

"Adds Versatility To Your Milling Machine"

Cylinder Head Fixture

Provides Operator With Quick Rigid Setups On What
Used To Be Impossible Or Cumbersome Items

Cylinder Head Fixture Great For Holding Intake Manifolds

Cylinder Head Fixture 8 Inch Flycutter Allows One Pass Cuts On Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Head Fixture Good For Screw In Studs, Moving Guides, Rough Milling Ports, Removing Broken Bolts, Etc.

Cylinder Head Fixture Single Point, Replaceable Carbide Tool 

Cylinder Head Fixture Complete With Studs, Flange Nuts And Reducers To Aid Setups

Cylinder Head Fixture 1" End Mill Holder Available With 1" Stub Arbor or R-8 Adapter (We Suggest That An End Mill Holder As Opposed To A Collet Be Used To Hold Cutter)



Cutter Speeds: Cast iron, about 80-135 RPM with the carbide cutter. Note:  If using high speed steel; run about 80 surface feet per minute. If using aluminum, run around 200 RPM.


Feed: About 15/8 per minute table feed. Experiment with different speeds and feeds to get desired finish.  (The faster the table feed, the rougher the finish will be.)


Depth of Cut: No more than .010 is recommended in cast iron.  Finish cut should always be .002 - .003.


Direction of Cut: Always cut from the right to the left (if you are facing the machine).


Rear Support: Use only one bolt in the rear fixture to attach the head to the fixture.  If you install two bolts in the fixture, they will bind and pivot, making lengthwise leveling impossible.


Cutter Drag: If the cutter is dragging on the back side of the cut, tilt the head very slightly (less than 1 degree) to eliminate the problem.


Leveling the Head: Use either a very good level, or better yet, a dial indicator to level the head.  We have found it much easier to level the head lengthwise first and then use the rear support hand wheel to raise the head crosswise until level.  Use an end mill holder (not a collet) to hold the flycutter.  Lock the spindle all the way up (feed the table up for desired depth).  Always use a sharp tool dull tools can cause many problems including chattering and a poor finish.  

Works On A Lot More Items Than Just Automotive Parts

Cylinder Head Fixture

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Cylinder Head Fixture

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Cylinder Head Fixture


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Cylinder Head Fixture