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Gas and Alcohol Check Kit

"The Quick And Simple Way To Check
The Specific Gravity Of Your Fuel"

Gas Check Kit

"Should Be A Standard Item For All Racers"

A Real Aid To Racers Using Additives Or Special Blends 

Check For Quality And Legality

Kit Consists Of:

  • Easy To Read Lab Grade Hydrometer, Graduated In .002 Increments With A Range of .700 To .800

  • This Range Allows You To Check All Pump Gas, Racing Gas, Straight Methanol And All But The Lightest Av Gas - Will Not Check Nitro Or Alky / Nitro Mixtures

  • Mercury Thermometer With Self Contained Protective Case

  • 50ml Graduated Glass Cylinder

  • Also Will Check For Water Contamination In Alcohol

  • Easy To Follow Instructions

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