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Audible Edgefinder

For Bridgeport Type Mill

This is sort of a gimmick, but it works like a charm ~ within.0001 of contact a "clicking" noise is emitted when the edge is found. It really allows you to use both your eyes and ears for location.

Repeats Every Time! - Within .0001 Accuracy !

The operator can “listen” as well as watch the work.  The audible edge finder makes an audible click when the tip jumps – this assures accuracy.

Locates round or flat work easily within .0005”

To use, just place in an appropriate sized collet or chuck.  As the collet or chuck rotates and approaches the edge of the work, the head moves sideways about 1/32” and makes an audible click.

The center of the finder is exactly one-half of the head diameter away from the edge of the work.

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