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Mini Mag Protractor

" A Must-Have Tool for Any Machine Shop or Fabricator "

The mini-mag protractor provides instant 360 digital inclination display of any angle with the additional unique feature of embedded magnets on two sides which make it ideal for chasiss and camshaft alignment.

This is a precision instrument used for measuring angles in which any of its four surfaces may be utilized.

Zero can also be set at any angle so that the relative angle between two surfaces can be measured.

Can be set to read absolute zero, so it may be used as a leveling device.

The Hold feature freezes the displayed reading while retaining the original zero datum.

Perfect for setting pinion angle.

Instantly determine valve angle with engine in car and heads fully assembled.

Perfect tech tool for checking valve angle or angle milled heads.

Embedded magnets with 35lb. pull.
Measuring range: 360 (4 x 90)
Resolution: .05
Accuracy: .1 Repeatability: .1
Voltage: Standard 9V battery (250 hrs.)
Dimensions: L: 2.375" x W: 1.375" x H: 2.375

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