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Wire Bender

"The Best Way To Bend Small Wire And Rod"


Easy To Operate

Secure Bender To Workbench Or Clamp In A Vise

Lay Up To 1/4" O.D. Wire Between The Two Pins In The Base And Slide Handle Over The 3/8" Pin

Insert The 5/16" Pin (With Plastic Cap) Into The Handle And To The Side Of Wire Being Bent

Make Bend By Pulling Handle Toward Yourself

Placement Of The 5/16" Dowel Pin In The Handle And The Base Will Vary Depending On Which Radius Bushing Is Being Used

NOTE: A Little Practice With A Coat Hanger Will Save Valuable Material And Improve End Results


1. Secure bender to workbench ~ or clamp in a vise.  

2. Lay up to O.D. wire between the two pins in the base and slide handle over the 3/8 pin.  Insert the 5/16 pin (with plastic cap) into handle and to the side of the wire to be bent.

3. Make bend by pulling handle toward yourself.

4. Placement of the 5/16 dowel pin in the handle and the base will vary depending on which radius bushing is being used.  

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