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Valve Gapper

"Gap Your Valves To .001" Accuracy"

Feeler Gauges Take Just That, Feel. 

Ask Three People To Run Valves With A Feeler Gauge
And You'll Get Three Different Results

Made From Billet Aluminum

Anodized For Durability And Appearance

Complete With Attachment Rings For 1.400", 1.437", 1.500" And 1.575" Retainers (Others Available)

Starrett Indicator For Precise Accuracy And Wedge For Milled Rockers

Quick Setup And Repeatability

Can NOT Be Used With Stud Girdle

Comes with Wooden Case

Operating Instructions

Choose split ring that best fits retainer.  

Tighten the two screws closest to the slot (only enough to retain the split ring in the slotted tool body.  


Place tool over retainer and tighten the lower thumb screw to lock tool on retainer.  NOTE:  Tool works best if the retainer margin is at least 1/16 wide; this is easily accomplished by chucking retainer in a lathe and turning a small amount of the outer diameter to increase the margin thickness).  Carefully tighten thumb screw only enough to hold tool securely on retainer; the threads are aluminum and over tightening will strip them.


Loosen the top thumb screw and lower indicator on to rocker arm.

NOTE:  Pre-load indicator at least .050; be certain rocker is in contact with valve tip or lash cap.


Turn indicator bezel and align needle to zero on indicator dial.


Raise and lower rocker arm from push rod to make certain indicator returns to zero.


Valve gap is displayed in .001 increments on dial.


Tighten rocker to desired valve lash.


Rocker arm ratio will not affect accuracy because tool always places           Indicator directly over the valve stem center.



Additional diameter split rings are available upon request.

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