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Standard Weather Station

"Understand And Interpret Atmospheric Conditions"


 Provides Close Observation Of Air Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Air Density And A Direct Relation Of All These To Your MPH And ET 

Atmospheric Conditions Have A Definite Influence On Your Engine's Performance And Consistency

Allows You To Understand And Interpret What Was Previously Available To A Select Few Racers

It Is Absolutely Essential That Atmospheric Influence Be Separated From The Rest Of Your Testing Data

Air Density Alone Does Not Tell You Very Much

Kit Consists Of Weather Bureau Type Sling Psychrometer With Thermometer And A Brass Cased Aneroid Barometer Graduated In In/Hg And A Ten Page Instruction Book

Does Not Contain A Commercial Air Density Gauge - Compute Air Density More Accurately From Barometer Reading, Temperature And Humidity

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Deluxe Weather Station

"The Most Accurate Instrumentation To
Interpret Atmospheric Conditions"


  Same As Standard Weather Station Except That A Certified Hygrometer Replaces Sling Psychrometer

Eliminates Bulb Breaking And Twirling

Excellent For Traveling

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